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★★★★★ Simple challenging game, with a twist and a cute turtle ★★★★★

Crane And Turtle is a tale from our childhood memories turned into an extremely challenging game play.

★ Addictive Game Play
★ Endless Game and a Super Time killer
★ Compete with your friends and challenge them with your Score
★ Hardest game ever

Warning: Not a Child play ; )

Story :
Once, a turtle and two cranes lived beside a river.
One bad year, there was no rain.
The cranes wanted to find another place to live in.
The turtle could not follow the cranes as he could not fly.

Suddenly, an idea struck the turtle's mind.

" Get a long, strong stick. You two hold each of it with your beaks
and I will hold on to the middle of the stick, " said the turtle.

" Wonderful idea!" said the cranes.

The cranes found a long, strong stick.

" Please don't open your mouth along the way, " said the cranes to the turtles.
" Of course, I won't, " said the turtle.

So, off they flew. They flew passed hills, valley and rivers.
They also flew passed a group of farmers.
" Hello! " greeted the turtle and down he fell and died.

The End.

Value :
He who forgets the advice of friends, lands in trouble.

Who are we ?
We are indie game developers trying to make fun and interesting games.

Questions/Feedback/Criticism @ fabble.gaming@gmail.com

Install instructions

This game is only for Android devices , download it from play store https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.fableapps.craneandturtle



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